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Overhead Ceiling Track Hoist System

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Active Bathing is proud to introduce its A2B Overhead Ceiling Track Hoist system.  A choice of 6-hook spreader bar with either manual or powered cradle gives our clients the ultimate in flexibility during patient transfer.  The A2B hoist system is compatible with all leading loop and clip slings, including our very own extensive range or slings.

Emergency lowering has always been difficult with ceiling hoists, often relying on slow, physical and manual lowering or expensive add-on alternatives.  The A2B ceiling track hoist system does away with all this and has an in-built safety feature which enables the emergency lower to bypass all electronics and gears, to safely and quickly lower the client in an emergency.

The white track blends seamlessly into your environment meaning it is less noticeable once installed.  The A2B XY hoist system boasts twice the battery life of any of its rivals due to its unique self-charging feature whenever the hoist is lowered.

The care can be removed within seconds to expose the unique control panel allowing the speed and slow-start to be easily adjusted or usage recorded.  This same feature also enables fault finding readout for quick and painless maintenance, thereby significantly reducing service costs.

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Hoist options:
  • Manual or powered traverse options
  • Weighing scales
  • Cradle/stretchers
  • Bespoke system design offering a wide range of track layouts and configurations
  • Emergency lower
  • Unique self-charging feature
  • SWL 200kg/31st
  • Bariatric 250kg/39st option
  • Full service and maintenance packages available
Sling options: 
  • Universal deluxe (with padded and quilted head support)
  • Bathing
  • Toileting
  • Amputee
  • Wipe away
  • Patient specific
  • Quick fit